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It may have a simple answer, but getting there is confusing when some products are marketed as something they aren’t!

So today, we’re asking, “what is a colloid mixture”? Make sure you know what you’re getting by identifying what is a colloid mixture—and understanding why it might be useful.

Then get the benefits of a popular colloid mixture like colloidal silver—and know you’re choosing the right product!

What is a Colloid Mixture?

The answer to “what is a colloid mixture” is both simple and elegant: it’s just one thing suspended in another. Rather than dissolve (like sugar in water) particles are spread evenly throughout, and they don’t fall to the bottom. Many colloids will reflect light, so you see the particles (milk is a good, everyday example). Some can be more light or clear, but if a light is shown on it light will bounce off the particles and scatter.

While there are many types of colloids, let’s focus on colloidal supplements, which consist of a mineral suspended in water.

What isn’t a Colloid Mixture?

Solutions, when ionic particles are dissolved in water, are not true, pure colloids. They are easier and cheaper to make and are often marketed as comparable to a colloid, though in some important ways (how well they work or how safe they are) they are not a good example of what is a colloid mixture.

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Silver?

A colloid mixture made with silver is just silver particles suspended in water. But why do people care what is a colloid mixture made with silver?

Colloidal silver has been used for a long time to support the immune system, skin, and more. It’s popularity has continued through today as people use colloidal silver for everything from support against various pathogens, to support healthy skin, to support clean, healthy sinuses.

Popularity breeds cheap imitation, and some “colloidal” silver are just ionic solutions. And some studies show that ionic silver just isn’t as safe or effective!

That’s why it’s important to know what is a colloid mixture, and what isn’t!

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Gold?

Colloidal gold follows the same pattern, it’s just gold nanoparticles suspended in pure water.

With colloidal gold, it’s really important to make sure you have a true colloid mixture! Ionic gold is a neurotoxin, so ionic gold solutions are not safe supplements.

Why do people take colloidal gold? Pure nanogold is reported to support the mind—people report improved focus and concentration, better memory, and steadier mood and energy levels. Some people take colloidal gold to support their joints, especially if they have arthritis.

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Copper?

If you know what is a colloid mixture made with silver or gold, then you know what is a colloid mixture made with copper: pure copper nanoparticles suspended in water.

People take colloidal copper to support firm, smooth skin, and to fulfill their nutritional quota for copper because it’s an essential mineral.

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Iridium?

Once you know what is a colloid mixture, you may wonder about more obscure colloidal supplements, like iridium.

Iridium is found in the brain, where new research thinks it may play an important role in supporting memory, alertness, and more.

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Platinum?

What is a colloid mixture made with platinum? It’s a supplement take because it’s believed to support tissue, as well as mental functions like memory, dreaming, and creativity.

What is a Colloid Mixture Made with Silica?

Silica is used to support healthy bone and tissue, including tissue in the heart cardiovascular system. Some people report feeling increased well-being with a little more silica.

Supplementing with Colloid Mixtures

Once you can answer “what is a colloid mixture” a whole world of colloidal supplements opens up, from colloidal silver to colloidal silica.

You can choose the colloid that’s right for you, or use more than one to create the perfect support for your individual needs. While colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and colloidal copper are the most common, there might be other colloids that are right for you to create the perfect blend of support for the mind and the body.

What is a colloid mixture? It’s another type of supplement to add to your toolkit so you can find your path to wellness.

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