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Colloidal copper is a dietary supplement made up of just copper nanoparticles and water. It’s another way to make sure you get copper, an essential mineral, in your diet. 

But, what is colloidal copper used for—why not other forms of copper?

Like other colloids, colloidal copper is pure, easily absorbed (thanks to its small particle size) and it’s clear you’re getting what you want—which isn’t always true with cheaper supplements (or even expensive ones!) sold in stores. Basically, colloidal copper is a great way to make sure you get enough of this essential nutrient. And there are lots of reasons to make sure you’re getting enough copper!

What is Colloidal Copper Used For?

Why do people take colloidal copper—what is colloidal copper used for? Copper is an essential mineral for optimum health, and it does many different things throughout the body, so there may be a number of health-supporting reasons people take colloidal copper.

But colloidal copper is more than just health support! A lesser-known answer to “what is colloidal copper used for” is a beauty! Copper is essential for firm, smooth, healthy-looking skin. And some people have even reported that adding a little copper to their diet (with colloidal copper) put some pepper back in their graying hair!

What is Colloidal Copper Used For? Nutritional Support

What is colloidal copper used for if you can just get copper from your diet? While it’s true nuts, liver, leafy greens, and some seafood have copper, there’s a huge caveat to the food we eat—nutritional content varies. What an animal is fed, where a plant is grown, how overfarmed the soil is, and what fertilizer is used can all make food quality better or worse. 

Have you ever eaten a really disappointing tomato? Completely flavorless? They’re pretty common. Nutrients are key to flavor (and color!) but so much natural food is flavorless. Consumers also shop off appearance—symmetry and beauty—as well as familiarity, but none of those considerations mean nutritious and healthy!

What is Colloidal Copper Used For? Supporting Iron and Energy Levels

If you’re taking colloidal copper to support your health, you might have started because you suspected a copper deficiency.

Nutrient deficiencies are very common—you can have just enough nutrition to function, but not to feel good. The minimum recommendations are just to keep you going, not feeling your best.

A copper deficiency looks a lot like an iron deficiency. That’s because copper is key to helping your body absorb and use iron. Many people know that they need to boost their iron levels, without ever being told to make sure they also have copper in their diet.

Low energy, weakness, signs of a weakened immune system (getting sick more often), brain functioning, and physical signs like paleness and premature gray hair may indicate low copper levels. Colloidal copper is used for correcting that deficiency!

What is Colloidal Copper Used For? Healthy, Colorful Hair

Premature graying of hair can be a symptom of copper deficiency—luckily, some people have reported getting a little color back in their hair by adjusting their copper intake a little.

While there are many reasons to make sure you have enough copper in your diet, one perfectly valid answer to “what is colloidal copper used for?” is to help support and maintain our beauty as we age!

What is Colloidal Copper Used For? Skin!

Besides supporting our energy and health in other ways, copper is used by the body to make collagen and elastin—the key elements to firm, wrinkle-free skin (as well as a strong, supple cardiovascular system!).

Because you can have too much copper in your diet, many people add skin support with colloidal copper by targeting skin with a spray. This is an important part of the answer to “what is colloidal copper used for?”: because of the small particle size, colloidal copper can penetrate skin and is an ideal way for supporting healthy, firm skin.

Use colloidal copper like a toner, just spray clean skin and let it dry before applying lotion. Use it alongside other beauty products or colloids like colloidal silver.

What is Colloidal Copper Used For? Diet Balance and Control

If you know you’ve struggled with copper or iron deficiencies in the past, or if you have other gut or nutrition issues, there’s one last important answer to “what is colloidal copper used for?”: better precision.

Cheap, grocery store brand supplements often fail independent tests to verify their ingredients. Food is less predictable than it should be. But colloidal copper is pure, and exactly as shown. With a true colloidal product, you can see the ingredients with your own eyes!

Support your health, support your beauty, support your wellness with colloidal copper.


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