Colloidal silver may be the star colloid, most known, and with the biggest historical record; but colloidal gold shouldn’t be overlooked! Colloidal gold is a mind, and mind-body supporting supplement. People who take colloidal gold report all kinds of mental benefits. You might intuitively understand what is colloidal gold based on knowing what is colloidal silver—and that’s great! But if you’re still wondering what is colloidal gold, let’s go more in depth into what colloidal gold is.

Find out what colloidal gold is made from, why people use colloidal gold, and more.

What Is Colloidal Gold Made From?

Colloidal gold is made from two simple ingredients: pure gold nanoparticles, and water. While the ingredients are simple, how it’s made is not! When you know what is colloidal gold made from, it’s easier to identify true colloidal gold products—there should be only two ingredients! But even so, because of the complex manufacturing process, not every product labelled as colloidal gold or even having the right ingredients is colloidal gold!

What Is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal gold is a liquid supplement. When figuring out what is colloidal gold (and what isn’t) look at the color! A true colloid has the particles suspended in a liquid, causing the particles to reflect their color. A true, pure colloidal gold will have a deep orange/red color, and a flashlight will cause light to reflect everywhere (not go straight through).

Quality colloidal gold does not need to be in a glass container, plastic is non-reactive and fine. Products that require special care are not true colloids—most colloids keep fine with basic hygiene practices (like keeping them sealed and not drinking directly from the container).

What Is NOT Colloidal Gold?

It’s really important to know what is NOT colloidal gold, because it may be an unsafe product!

While true colloidal gold is made of pure gold nanoparticles, cheaper products or products that are not manufactured to high standards may contain gold ions, which are neurotoxins. 

Pure gold is considered food safe—think of gold foil covered desserts. Gold ions are not safe.

You can identify that something is not colloidal gold if it’s clear, if the particles are too big, etc. True colloids come as colloids, they are not a powder that you mix into a drink.

What Is Colloidal Gold’s History?

While gold has a long history of being word, displayed, and used to decorate food, colloidal gold was a way to get the benefits of gold more practically and consistently.

When talking about what is colloidal gold, or rather, why is colloidal gold, the answer is that it’s thought to boost mental acuity, and has been used to (basically) boost brain power.

Colloidal gold has antioxidant properties, and the possible benefits of that and more may be why people found colloidal gold to have physical benefits, not just aesthetic ones.

What Is Colloidal Gold Used For?

While colloidal gold is associated with mental benefits, it’s not really comparable to caffeine or other stimulating supplements.

Colloidal gold is said to boost memory, focus, mood, concentration, and more. What is colloidal gold used for? People take it to boost creativity, strengthen memory, and feel sharper.

But colloidal gold may also benefit the mind-body connection, so others take it to enhance their hand-eye coordination, perception, reflexes, and more. Players of both physical sports (golf, tennis) and e-sports (video games) take colloidal gold for a more natural edge against their competition.

Although colloidal gold may have physical benefits like boosting energy levels or mood, it’s more subtle that the effects of fast acting stimulants like coffee (which also comes with a crash). Taken over time, people report an overall mental improvement that they associate with colloidal gold.

Others see more physical benefits, and take colloidal gold as health support for arthritis, prostate health, and more. What is colloidal gold used for by modern science? These exact things! Sometimes to augment modern treatments or as a delivery system, but it’s known that colloidal gold (or gold nanoparticles) aren’t useless.

What Is Colloidal Gold to You?

If you haven’t tried colloidal gold yet, start with a month’s supply and take just a little each day. While some people take colloidal gold as an occasional boost—to help them get through a project, presentation, or other intense working period, the best way to get the benefits of colloidal gold is with a little each day!

If you’ve already experienced the benefits of colloidal gold, now’s the time to get focused and support our mood, energy, and more—naturally and gently. Taking a daily supplement or two is the easiest thing we do to support our health, no matter what else is going on.

What is colloidal gold? Great daily mental support.


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