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Certain major third-party retailers are having a crisis of fakes— there are many people selling on the same platform, and their inventory isn’t kept separate. Are you getting the product you want, from the manufacturer, or are you getting a knock-off from one of the many people taking advantage of this system?

When it comes to products like supplements, this system becomes dangerous. Reports of people with burned scalps from knock-off shampoos, fake soaps, and broken seals on food products are becoming commonplace. 

For health-supporting products like colloidal silver, you can’t trust these big websites anymore, because what is in colloidal silver matters, and it’s important to always get a pure, true product!

A Brief History of What Is In Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for centuries to keep food fresh, support health, and more. Colloidal silver is a way to get this support in a supplement you drink.

What is in “colloidal silver” matters—not every product is a true colloid, and making it correctly (and then checking for purity) are important safety steps.

The main ingredient—silver nanoparticles— is generally reviewed as safe. In fact, they’re also used in non-supplement industries—from hospital hygiene, special bandages for burns, to anti-pathogen paint, gym clothes, food storage, and more.

What Is In Colloidal Silver?

It’s important to know what’s in true, pure colloidal silver because that answer alone will help you avoid knock-offs.

The best-quality colloidal silver has only two ingredients: pure nanosilver particles and water. Not only that, but ingredient purity is lab-verified with high-quality colloidal silver—you don’t get that guarantee in a made-at-home scenario.

What Is In Colloidal Silver Knock-Offs?

Some products are cheaper “colloidal” silvers, but they aren’t really colloids at all no matter how they compare themselves. Ionic particles, for instance, aren’t suspended in water, they’re dissolved (and studies have shown ionic silver to be less effective). 

Worse, some products have more than just silver and water. Sometimes an ingredient is added intentionally, to stabilize the product, and sometimes impurities are accidental/from neglect, because the manufacturing process isn’t as good. Always carefully source your supplements, so you can trust what’s in them! And when you know what is in colloidal silver, that’s step one to finding a trusted retailer.

Where Can You Get True Colloidal Silver?

First, avoid the temptation to hit up your favorite online mega-retailer—almost every product has reviews about getting shipped a fake.

Choose an official retailer of high-quality supplements like Colloids for Life. Know what you’re getting, and then get the good stuff—no fillers, no additives, just the best colloidal silver and other supplements from a retailer that’s been around a long time. Don’t support your health with additives or risky products!

What Is In Colloidal Silver Matters

If you’re looking to support your health, you know what you put in your body matters.

Fake colloidal silver, silver with additives, and other lesser products not only don’t work as well, but they also may not be as safe. Cheaply manufactured silver (that may even be making an honest attempt at being a true colloidal silver) is prone to contaminants and mistakes.

Not only is it important to know what is in colloidal silver, but it’s also important to be able to trust that that is what you’re getting!

Why Do People Use Colloidal Silver?

Finally, a quick look at why people use colloidal silver (and why what is in colloidal silver matters).

Silver is known for its antimicrobial properties—that it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even some amoebas. Because of that and it’s safety, people have been using it in all sorts of ways for centuries.

Colloidal silver is the form silver takes as a health-supporting supplement. People take colloidal silver to support their immune systems, skin, and more.

Other Uses: When What Is In Colloidal Silver Matters Less

Because silver is an all-around germ killer, there are some uses where quality matters less. It’s okay to not buy top-end silver to keep your hot tub clean, your washing machine, or your socks.

When it comes to using silver as a supplement, what is in colloidal silver always matters. For other uses and other industries, that bar is a little lower.

If you’re looking to support your immune system with colloidal silver, choose the best-quality colloidal silver for the job.


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