What is the Best Colloidal Copper?

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There are many different products labeled “colloidal” copper, as well as skin care products that claim to have either colloidal copper or nano copper as an ingredient. But they are not all the same, and they really aren’t equal! Here’s how you can tell what the best colloidal copper is!

Why Copper at all?

Copper is an essential mineral. It’s used throughout your body to create firm tissue, to help with iron (leading to optimal energy levels), and more. As we age, we tend to buy products that contain copper (creams, toners, etc.) to support healthier (and thus younger-looking) hair and skin. Copper helps with the production of collagen and elastin, leading to firmer, smoother skin, and some people have reported that adding a little more copper to their diet leads to darker hair.

Identifying True Colloidal Copper

There are some easy, key steps to identifying a true colloid (and finding the best colloidal copper) vs. a cheaper colloid or fake that’s just got “colloid” on the label.

A colloid is a suspension of one thing in another. The best colloids are the purest—they don’t require a protein to create the suspension, they don’t ionize the minerals, they’re just pure minerals and water.

A true, pure colloid will reflect line in all directions when it’s shown through the bottle. And because it’s more stable (being a true colloid) it doesn’t have to be packaged in glass or a dark bottle to remain a colloid. The best colloidal copper (or other colloids) is very stable—it’s not going to interact or fall out of suspension very easily!

The Best Colloidal Copper Stands Out

When copper is suspended in water, not dissolved or mixed with other things—you can see it! Copper’s red-orange color will reflect light, giving the best colloidal copper a red-orange tint.

Products that are clear, that you can’t see through the bottle, etc., are either not true colloids, have only a very small amount of pure copper, or are something else altogether! They’re definitely not the best colloidal copper product!

Why Take the Best Colloidal Copper?

Usually, less-than colloidal copper products will lure you in with the price. But you get what you pay for: ionic solutions are much easier and cheaper to make, it’s easy to put in less copper, and those products are nowhere near the best colloidal copper in quality!

A true colloidal copper is just copper and just pure water.  You’re getting more nano copper particles in a purer product—so it’s usually a better value!

The Best Colloidal Copper is the Most Effective

If you’re using colloidal copper, you’re probably making sure that either you have enough copper in your diet (sometimes a copper deficiency can be masked as an iron deficiency, since you need both to maintain your energy levels and health!). A more pure, precise product like true colloidal copper is a better way to manage your copper levels!

And if you’re using copper to support firm, healthy skin (by using colloidal copper as a toner) the nano copper in colloidal copper will do a better job of getting in so skin can use it to create collagen and elastin, which are what make skin smooth.

Avoid Everything but the Best Colloidal Copper

True colloidal copper, the best colloidal copper, is lab tested for quality.

Cheaper products and made-at-home colloids are usually ionic products, and, especially with at-home labs, there’s a risk for contamination so that you’re getting more “ingredients” than you want.

If you’re looking to support your health, you know how important purity is. Don’t make a misstep with an inferior product, choose the best colloidal copper so you can get the best support or your health!

Pair the Best Colloidal Copper with the Best Colloids

Once you’ve got the best colloidal copper—with its high quality and purity—you can create a supplement support routine that best meets your needs!

If you are using colloidal copper as a spray (like skin toner—spray on clean face and let dry), you can pair it with colloidal silver (which helps skin heal from burns, cuts, scrapes, acne, and more), your favorite lotion, and more!

As a supplement, colloidal copper is a necessary part of your diet, but you don’t need much. Just round out what’s missing from your diet with a little each day. You can also take colloidal silver, colloidal gold (mental support), or whatever other support will meet your needs.

With the best colloidal copper, you get the quality, and the results you’re looking for.


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