During winter, we work hard to correctly time our shipments of colloidal supplements with the weather. Why is that?

First—What’s A True Colloid?

A true colloid is a suspension of nanoparticles in water—you can identify true colloids by their color, since the particles will reflect light. Silver colloids are grey/blue, colloidal colloids are reddish, copper colloids are reddish brown, and so on.

By contrast, ionic silver products are solutions—the silver is dissolved in water, rather than suspended. This difference is huge—to dissolve silver, it has to have a charge to fit in amongst the water molecules. Colloids are not charged—they’re neutral. When charged silver gets around other charged particles (like phosphorous hanging around outside a cell), it’s drawn to them and clusters up. Uncharged particles can move more freely, through cells and out.

How can you tell the difference? Again, color is the main indicator! But if there’s no picture, check wording. Anyone who advertises their product as needing to be stored in glass (because glass is non-reactive) is likely selling an ionic solution. While I generally like glass containers, they’re heavy to ship and easy to break—and colloids aren’t bottled while hot, so leaching isn’t an issue like with other food products. If it has to be in glass, it’s an inferior (ionic) product.

Shipping Colloidal Supplements

Because those silver particles are suspended in water, freezing the water will cause them to fall out of suspension, leaving clear water and a bunch of debris in the bottom of the bottle. Suddenly, it’s no longer a colloid!

Here’s the good news—it’s not your job to worry about the weather. You can order anytime, and Colloids for Life will go above and beyond to make sure our colloidal supplements reach you safely.

-We watch the weather, talk to our shippers, and check airport closures to make sure that our shipments aren’t sitting in freezing airport or delivery storage units overnight. Instead, we make sure that when they ship, we’re as sure as we can be they’ll move continuously until they reach your door!

-We only ship expedited shipping during the winter. Ground shipping sometimes has packages sitting in cold trucks and warehouses overnight, waiting for a full load to get out—to ensure that our colloidal products don’t freeze, we ship through cold weather regions only at a faster pace!

-We’re centrally located in Colorado. We’re near an airport that flies to most everywhere, and we can ship to areas not affected by snow—unlike companies snowbound in the northeast! And although Colorado has snow—it’s pretty inconsistent, so it’s never long before we can get shipments out!

-We care about our product and our customers, so we step up our winter packaging. You’ll notice that your colloidal orders come snuggled in styrofoam insulation to help prevent freezing, as well as clearly labelled on the box that it can’t be allowed to get frozen!

*Note most other companies don’t do many, or even any, of these things!

If you’re running low on colloidal silver, colloidal gold, or one of our other colloids, cross it off your to-do list, and order today. Let us watch the weather, work with our shippers, and make sure it gets to your door ready to use! We can also help you set up shipping notifications so you don’t miss the delivery, or work with you to get a delivery date you’ll be home for, so it’s not sitting on your porch. We pride ourselves on our customer service, so please, use it!

Winter’s not over yet, but don’t let shipping delays keep you from immune support throughout the rest of cold and flu season! Re-order some MesoSilver today!

Need a mental boost? Order MesoGold, and we’ll ship on the first warm day available, save your memory and brain power for other tasks!

What are your thoughts on weather and colloids?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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