knee wrapAny surgery, however minor, has a long list of side effects and possible combinations (and it’s expensive, especially when you factor in recovery time!). So if someone told you there was an alternative that worked just as well, how exciting would that be?

Well, a study has shown that physical therapy (taking at least a year of work) is as effective as surgery (although some people still opted to get surgery).

It’s less than half the cost, less invasive, and far less traumatic. Of course, you have to follow therapy, and stay committed—but for many, that’s a better option.

What’s interesting, is there was a study a few years ago that came up with similar results for heart surgery. Five years out, you might as well have not had heart surgery—real improvement actually came from those who made the biggest lifestyle changes.

For those who believe in natural health, it’s great validation that taking care of yourself can pay off.

So continue taking care of yourself by doing stretches and exercising, but if you have an injury or other health issue, do so under the care of a medical professional.

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