Image of Health ExerciseCommercials are pounding us this time of year with a couple of broad stroke messages: lose weight, raise your IQ, get healthy.

But those goals aren’t that great, and it’s easy to get distracted, discouraged, and disengage!

What’s a good goal?

If you want to lose weight, instead focus on health markers. Eating well and exercising will make you feel better long before you’ll drop a dress size.

So focus on having more energy, easier digestion, and feeling “lighter” before you get lighter. And when the pounds do start coming off, focus more on something like the size of your waist, which is an indicator of heart health, rather than the numbers on the scale, which can be misleading.

Programs that promise brain support are often pretty good, but aren’t as well-rounded as they should be. It’s also hard to “feel” the results.

Focus instead on mental clarity, small memory improvements, and focus. You’ll notice them when you’re at work, or working on hobbies. Small games from sudoku, word search, to puzzles can stretch your mind and help to fight off dementia.

You’ll also find meditation may be helpful. It’s not only been pinned as great mind-support, but has been linked to positive health effects like lowered blood pressure.

Getting healthy is a great goal, but there’s no magic one-time pill. Small everyday habits are the best way to build good health. Immune support, good nutrition, mental rest/de-stressing are all contributors to good overall health.

Build good habits into your daily routine. Good supplementation, a daily tea break, spending a few minutes clearing your mind, or any other similar ideas.

What are your plans for 2015 Wellness?


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