De-Stink Your Shoes


Ski WomanThanksgiving weekend is a popular time to ski, hike, and get outdoors (depending on your local weather).

But there’s an important side effect to all this activity we need to discuss.

Stinky shoes.

Ski boots, hiking shoes, ice skates… A good outing will leave any well laced shoe moist and smelly. But there’s a solution!

When you set your shoes out to dry, spray a little Smelly Shoe Spray into them. It will kill odor causing bacteria and leave behind the pleasant aroma of peppermint. You can even use it pre-emptively—and the colloidal silver will help stop the growth of stinky bacteria.

If you’re going barefoot, or using it on sandals, the colloidal silver will even help prevent athlete’s foot.

And continues use will layer in protection (although machine washing will gradually remove it).

Between outings, you can keep your Smelly Shoe Spray by the door for guests or a quick pick me up. (It will come in especially handy during holiday parties!) You’ll also find a use for other smelly spots—pet beds, gym bags or equipments, etc. It’s a great way to keep things smelling great between cleanings.

It works because the colloidal silver kills the bacteria. Other anti-odor sprays work by “trapping” odor, which basically means a chemical traps the odor into your shoe/whatever. Colloidal silver is natural and safe to have around kids and pets. I wouldn’t spray my furniture with it without testing it first, and I would be careful about fancy spraying fancy materials like leather with it—just in case.

What are your favorite winter activities?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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