Don’t Let Adventure Slow You Down


Woman with Leg CramoWhatever your favorite summer activity, be it hiking, golfing, camping, or heading for water, don’t let the wear-and-tear it causes bring your down. Help soothe and relax your muscles so you’ll be ready for the next day’s activity with Dakota Muscle Relief. Dakota Muscle Relief is all natural, and smells of peppermint—then quickly fades (it won’t make you stink or evoke hospital-type associations). It uses hot-cold sensations to help muscles relax, easing aches and often leading to long-term relief. Of course, it’s even better if you don’t get aches and pains to begin with! So here are some tips for keeping muscles feeling strong and healthy this summer:
-Research (and talk to a medical professional) about the right sort of workout for you. The internet is full of claims for one-trick miracle workouts, but the truth is every body is different. Different shapes, different genetic inclinations (both to excel at something or to be weak at something), different training, and a different history of injuries (or sometimes klutziness!). Working out just a bit not only keeps muscles in good shape for your favorite hobbies, the right sort of activities (like yoga, for example) can increase your flexibility and stability, decreasing risk of injury as well as helping you become aware when your posture is going to put a crimp in your neck! -Hydrate! Whether you’re moving a lot or just hanging out in the sun, everyone needs to stay on top of water during the summer. There are a lot of problems that spring up when you don’t get enough water but we’re just talking muscles right now: not getting enough water is a sure way to get muscle cramps (I won’t scar you by linking it, but those of you who are visual learners can find lots of examples of weight-lifters sharing videos of the muscles cramping and spasming because they cut back on water (done to decrease bloat/increase a certain “look”)). Keep water on you, and if you feel yourself falling behind, switch to something with electrolytes (like coconut water). -Whatever your favorite activity, learn proper technique then stay mindful about it when you’re out and about. Whether you’re golfing or on a mountain, reserve some mental space for how you’re using your body, it might prevent aches and pains down the line. (Trouble focusing? Grab a bottle of our colloidal gold. It may also help with hand-eye coordination!). Tweak, cramp, or over-use a muscle anyway? Pull out your Dakota Muscle Relief! I prefer the roller because you can use it to dig into knots a bit as you apply it. Keep it on you for the drive home, as a just-in-case, or for when you’re ready for down-time. Dakota Muscle relief is great to use before going to bed after an active day so your muscles can relax—you don’t want to wake up from cramps, aches, or not being able to find a comfortable position. Even if you’re not super active (stuck in an office or binging Netflix) muscle cramps can arise, especially in your legs. Soothe the twitches with a quick rub of Dakota Muscle Relief before bed. Share your muscle tips with us in the comments:

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