Physical health doesn’t have to be intense or dramatic. According to a new study, older adults (45 and over) may live longer by just getting up and moving. Ease your muscles back into action with Dakota Muscle Relief.

There are two ways the study found that are small and simple, but still get results. The first is to replace a half hour of sitting with a half hour of moving. It doesn’t have to be “exercise”—you can go for a meandering walk, or you can putt around the house. If you’re feeling a little stronger, you can try the other method: break up the day with a few minutes (literally just one or two) of more vigorous activity every hour or so.

If you’re not used to regular activity (especially if you sit 8 or more hours per day) check with a doctor before you begin.

To ease muscles into being active again, (and maybe even moving in new ways), combat aches, pains, cramps, and more with Dakota Muscle Relief. If you can work in some stretching, you’ll be getting exercise while soothing your muscles. You can get Dakota Muscle Relief in a rub, which offers a soothing, pressured application, or in a spray that can help you get it to those harder to reach places, like your back.

Dakota Muscle Relief has simple, recognizable ingredients and no medicinal smell.

Why does a little exercise go a long way? Any movement is better than none for your muscles  (including the most important muscle of all, the heart muscle)—it stretches and strengthens them. Moving can help prevent blood clots, helps to circulate lymph fluid (there’s no pump like your heart does for your cardiovascular system), and stimulates your brain.

A little exercise carries a lot of benefit—get started today and keep it easier on your muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief.

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