Make A Summer Adventure Kit!


Summer LadyAre you ready for this long winter to end? Us too! Get ready for outdoor summer play today so that you’re ready when the temperature finally gets hot!

-Try natural sunscreens. If you have sensitive skin or a really warm sun, it’s probably best if you stick with sunblock, but for short outings, try a natural sunscreen.

-Keep your shoes, gear bag, and other gear clean with Smelly Shoe Spray. Pack an extra bottle in the car if your dogs get to ride along to the beach, or for hikes.

-Leave an extra pack of granola bars and bottled water in the car for emergencies (if you were already doing this thanks to snows sent by the polar vortex, maybe switch out for fresher granola bars and eat the old ones!).

-Get a first aid kit—or two—ready. Include bandages, gauze, antiseptic, pain relievers, tweezers, and instructions. Also add anything that’s relevant to your hobbies (extra flashlight, batteries, blanket, satellite phone).

-Don’t forget natural pain relief options for mild problems. Applying Dakota Muscle Relief before bed can be great after an active day—or in the morning after rough camping.

What else do you need for safe summer fun?


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