Running On The BeachYou probably get tired of hearing it: diet and exercise are the keys to good health. But it’s true! For instance, a new report has found that half of uterine cancers in the UK could be prevented with just diet and exercise. Visualize that: 1 in 2 people could avoid having cancer in a fairly important organ (most people who get reproductive cancers get them when they’re older and done having kids, but still).

There are still many types of less common cancers that we don’t/can’t routinely check for, including uterine cancer. If half of those could be prevented, that’s half as many people with difficult to spot cancer. (If you’re worried about those cancers, don’t. Just stay tuned into your body and talk to your doctor about any changes, including sudden weight loss or odd, unexplained pains).

Need a kick in the pants to get on the prevention bandwagon?

Here’s an exercise pep talk: It’s not as hard as you think. Exercise isn’t limited to going to the gym everyday, or at all. Anything that you think is fun that involves movement counts—studies keep showing that even a small amount of exercise will help improve your health.

And as for diet? The exciting news is you might be able to help yourself lose weight just by avoiding fats and getting some probiotics into your diet. It’s an easy way to get started, at least!

Do you think about disease prevention as a motivator for exercising?


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