Too Much Summer Fun? Grab Dakota Muscle Relief


When warm weather calls, it can be hard to resist. But if you are out of shape from winter, forget the routine of stretching, or are just a little exuberant, you can end up really sore. Then there are all the warm weather chores to be done, which don’t necessarily move your body in healthy ways/with good posture. Make sure you can help quickly relieve pain and relax muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief.

Dakota Muscle Relief works by stimulating a hot and then cold sensation. Compared to similar products, it smells better and has a shorter, more recognizable and natural ingredient list. What you put on your body matters—your skin absorbs a lot of it, and your liver and kidneys have to deal with processing it (after it makes a round through the rest of you!). Choosing products with minimal added chemicals and other ingredients is important, whether it’s makeup, sunscreen, or pain relief like Dakota Muscle Relief.

In addition to keeping natural pain relief like Dakota Muscle Relief on hand, try and protect muscles and prevent strain and injury with these basic tips:

Always carry water with you. Extra bottles in the car, on a walk, as well as at the gym or in nature. As it gets hotter and you move around, you can get dehydrated quickly, causing sore muscles, leaving you more at risk for problems like kidney stones, or seriously endangering you by pushing you closer to heat stroke. Don’t chance it, keep drinking lots of water during any outdoor activities.

Take time to stretch regularly. That means not just before activities, which might give you a false sense of your limits and lead to a different sort of injury. Stretching regularly helps keep muscles healthy, and you ready and limber enough for activities. It can also have other benefits, like improving balance, leading to fewer falls.

There’s more you can do for muscle care, like massage, but on a daily basis, it can really be as simple as working more stretching and water into your day, and sticking with natural pain relief like Dakota Muscle Relief if you over do it!

Make sure you have Dakota Muscle Relief on hand this summer!

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