Coffee, Caffeine


Coffee, CaffeineIn a new study published in Cancer Research participants who drank coffee regularly were less likely to develop skin cancer. In fact, the beneficial effects are likely tied to caffeine, since cola and chocolate have also shown a similar effect.

Skin cancer, when caught early, is usually benign, or at least slow-growing. Prevention is always preferable, though, since there are many places on the body that are easy to overlook (bottom of feet, genitalia, back), and since there’s the added cost of plastic surgery to avoid scars from the removal.

To prevent skin cancer, routinely apply sunscreen when outside, and make sure to reapply after swimming or if you stay out for more than a few hours. Eating a diet full of antioxidants (fruits and veggies) and balanced in Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids (fish is a good source of Omega-3, fried foods contribute too much Omega-6), and balanced between lean protein, whole grain, and produce can help the body fight off cancer.

Coffee, as well as tea and chocolate, is full of antioxidants in addition to the potential benefits of caffeine. Of course, too much processed sugar can contribute to cancer causing inflammation, so it’s better to get your antioxidants from lots of fruits and vegetables rather than sources that also contain processed sugar.

Coffee has also been tied to other health benefits including delaying Alzheimer’s.

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