Cup of Hot ChocolateJust in time for the holidays, a study has revealed that cocoa flavanols can actually REVERSE ageing in the brain. The study followed older adults, and tested both their memory, and looked at a region of the brain associated with memory loss. Both showed signs of improvement! (Note: they did not look at Alzheimer’s related memory loss, but general age decline specifically).

Participants found themselves with doubly improved memories. Something you might think about as you sip hot cocoa these coming winter’s eves.

Flavanols, both those found in chocolate, and those found in grapes (red wine) and other foods routinely come up as having huge health benefits.

But moderation is the key to harvesting them, because they’re often paired with things damaging to your health, like alcohol, or sugar. Alcohol won’t improve your memory, it will harm it (not to mention your liver), and sugar can cause damaging inflammation, including in places like your brain and heart.

Try this: make your own hot cocoa instead of using a sugar-heavy mix.

Warm up milk on the stove, and add a tiny bit of salt, cocoa powder, vanilla, and either a small amount of sugar, or a sugar alternative, like stevia. You can also use honey or agave for a less-processed natural sweetener.

Or, try melting a (very) dark chocolate bar and stirring it in for a richer experience. (Do it on low and stir/scrape constantly).

Then, make your own whipped cream! It’s quick, easy, and you can skip adding sugar. Just beat cream with a hand mixer on high, and add a drop or two of vanilla before it gets stiff. (Or try flavoring it with either orange or mint for an interesting flavor surprise as it melts).

Finally, share! And make more memories that the cocoa flavanols will support!

What your go-to hot cocoa recipe?


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