That’s a high number: 50%, but researchers found that if people followed the general advice given to help prevent cancer, that’s the reduction in cancer rates we’d see.

Here are the tips that could contribute to lowering your risk for cancer:

-Don’t use tobacco. Tobacco can cause cancer in more places than your lungs, and causes almost a quarter of all cancer deaths yearly!
-Maintain a healthy weight. Being obese ups your risk for many forms of cancer, including breast cancer.
-Focus on healthy fats, like Omega-3s.
-Follow practical steps to prevent viral illnesses, and get screened often (you may not see Hep C coming, but catching it early helps prevent liver cancer). A silent viral infection—Hep C, or human papillomavirus—can lead to cancer in time (time varies based on the strength of your immune system).
-Get colon and breast cancer screenings (how early and often depends on your risk factors).
-Reduce exposure to environmental toxins, including those found in plastics.
-Limit exposure to the sun—every sunburn increases your cancer risk.
-Limit drinking, which has been tied to cancers (including an increased risk in breast cancer).
-Eat more fruits and vegetables!

If it all seems like common sense, good! That means that lowering your risk for cancer will be easy!

What other lifestyle changes can help prevent cancer? What are good ways to implement some of these tips?


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