Don’t Let Fear Of Kidney Stones Stop You


Milk JugMany doctors will recommend a radical diet change for people who get kidney stones. It’s mostly a long list of things to avoid.

And because studies have linked taking a calcium supplement to an increased risk of kidney stones (calcium is one of the most common components of kidney stones), many doctors will tell you not to take them and even go so far as to recommend you cut back on overall calcium consumption.

But you need calcium! And it’s not quite that black and white. It’s not the calcium in the supplement that contributes to kidney stones, as much as what’s missing… magnesium!

Most calcium supplements are quick and dirty. They’re a lump of cheap calcium, thrown into the supplement, and most store brands, according to third party testers, aren’t even accurate in terms of quantity! So you can’t even trust the labels and the dose… are you getting 20%? 200%?

So here’s the thing: you can take a calcium supplement (after all, who doesn’t want strong bones, better sleep, and healthier ageing?), it just has to be the right calcium supplement—one balanced with other necessary minerals, like magnesium.

The average American diet is short on magnesium. When you have enough magnesium, it’s less likely for calcium to contribute to kidney stones. Magnesium encourages absorption of calcium into the bones.

Cal Mag Complete has a balance of calcium and magnesium, so your body gets the calcium it needs.

Of course, preventing calcium based kidney stones doesn’t stop there. Vitamins C and D are also important to calcium absorption and use. Antioxidants can help reduce other underlying causes of kidney stones (many of which are related to inflammation). And of course, drink plenty of water so your body can easily expel what it no longer needs.

Have you noticed of any specific foods trigger kidney stones for you?


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