Senior woman with cup of teaHere’s something worth noting for the holidays: a sweet drink may be giving you more teaspoons of sugar than a small pastry.

A pumpkin spice sugar drink might say fall to you, but here’s something healthier you can try: the fresh earthy taste of Jiaogulan tea.

No added sugar but lots of antioxidants, Jiaogulan is known as the tea of life. It supports a healthy cardiovascular system and more. Plus, it’s caffeine free so it won’t cause insomnia or interrupt your circadian rhythm.

If you’re trying to get healthy, a great way to start is by swapping out a bad habit for a healthier one. Switch Jiaogulan tea for your daily cup of sugar, you can use it to build a healthy break into your afternoon to decompress, or try it out with friends.

And if you bring it to-go with you, the taste will pair perfectly with a stroll through the changing and falling leaves—doubling up your heart supporting, stress-busting cup of tea with some light exercise and sunshine.

If you have insomnia, a relaxing cup of hot tea before bed might be the ticket. When it comes to liquids before bed, recommendations are a balance between not disrupting sleep with too much (especially as age/prostate kicks in) but being well hydrated. A cup of Jiaogulan (which being caffeine-free, won’t have diuretic effect) might be just right.

Try Jiaogulan tea for a couple of months. Some people notice right away that they feel more relaxed, but good heart support is a daily thing. Get started today, just in time for the change in seasons (or pick up more Jiaogulan so you can keep enjoying it through fall!).

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