Avoid GMO Foods When Pregnant


Avoid GMO Foods When Pregnant
Eating organic grains and produce cuts out concern about GMO foods.

New research has found pesticides from genetically modified (GMO) foods in the blood of pregnant women and their umbilical cords.

In the study, 93% of pregnant women had toxic pesticide residue in their blood.

Other studies have found that breast milk also often contains pesticides and other chemicals. How? Many chemicals are attracted to fat, and end up getting stored in the body. Fat is an important component of breast milk, and so toxins end up getting passed to the baby.

Studies which have found health risks associated with GMO foods largely get buried. Negative studies have found that GMO foods and pesticides can cause birth defects in mice and hamsters, as well as sterility within a few generations.

Ranchers who feed their livestock GMO foods report that there have been increasing instances of miscarriage, false pregnancies, and other fertility problems.

Some speculation also suggests pesticides could cause cancer, allergies, or other abnormalities. In high doses pesticides are neurotoxins, while at low doses they may interfere with hormone levels.

GMO foods are grown to withstand strong pesticides. Seeds and pesticides from GMO foods can affect neighboring crops as well as future generations of crops grown on the same land.

Having been around for only 15 years, it’s too early to tell what long term effects GMO foods will have on human fertility (if a generation is 25 years, and it takes other animals about three to see effects, then there is still time to make changes).

How to be safe from GMO foods and pesticides? Eat organic—and not just vegetables! Cows, pigs, and chickens are often fed GMO foods like grain, and now fish themselves may come genetically modified. Eating organic meat can reduce the amount of pesticide in your food chain. Research good farmers and ranchers—then support them!

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