Good News In Anticipation Of Valentine’s Day!


Strawberries and ChocolateIt’s not the first study to say it, but who cares: people who eat more chocolate, red wine, and berries are healthier than those who do not.

Flavanols, found in red and blue berries (and the wine they make) as well as chocolate, are powerful antioxidants. (Looking for something greener? You can also find them in herbs like parsley). Past studies have linked them to better cardiovascular health and improved memory.

The latest study adds this to the pile of good-for-you-news: not only do people who eat flavonoid rich foods have lower inflammation, they have less insulin resistance and a lower risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

Of course there’s a caveat: chocolate and wine need to be eaten in moderation. Choose a dark chocolate low in processed sugar (which can cause inflammation and increase your Type 2 Diabetes risk). Some alcohol can be good for you, so choose red wine for a health boost, and keep it under 3 glasses a day.

So this Valentine’s Day—indulge with flavonoid rich foods. Can I suggest a parsley rich main course, red wine, and chocolate covered strawberries?

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