Naturally Prevent And Treat Ulcers


Stressed ManThere are lots of potential benefits to taking aspirin, but it and other NSAIDS (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) can cause ulcers if popped to frequently. Stress is another major cause of ulcers (there’s also a small handful of very serious causes that fall outside this article).

Abdominal pain, feeling full, nausea, these are all signs that you may have an ulcer.

New research has found that gelatin proteins have effective anti-tumor properties. They protect stomach mucus from injuries, are easily absorbed by the stomach, and was found to protect mice from ulcers.

Gelatin can be found in jell-o, candies, or just a plain packet. That makes it an easily accessible treatment (and if it’s a gummy bear smiling at you, that’s got to help with stress related ulcers!).

Another common cause of ulcers—H. pylori—can be combated with probiotics (good bacteria). H. pylori is a virus that tunnels into stomach lining. If you have it, alcohol can increase your risk of ulcer. Taking a lot of probiotics can help to naturally fight off H. Pylori.

Like gelatin, probiotics can easily be added to your diet. Yogurt and other fermented foods all have them—but if you can’t eat dairy or don’t have a grocery store that carries things like fermented pickles then just add a probiotic supplement to your diet.

It’s important to take action on ulcers early so they don’t grow or cause other complications.

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