MistletoeMake Christmas feel good for more than the spirit this year by planning a healthy holiday. From the food to the decor, here are a few changes to make things a little healthier.

-Plan a healthier menu.

Christmas is the perfect time to replace processed sugar with honey, agave, or even maple syrup, which will even add a little flavor.

Check out recipe websites or even Pinterest for great tasting, decorative plates that are healthy with lots of fruits and veggies.

-Tone down the big holiday meal.

Christmas has lots of imagery for feasting, for jolliness, and pudge. And a big meal is a common tradition—but it’s hard on your body.

Have small healthy snacks, appetizers, or shared meals throughout the day. Keep your metabolism going, and resist the temptation to clog it up all at once with a feast. Try and enjoy a bite of each dish rather than the sensation of stuffing yourself—you’ll sleep better, and need fewer antacids, too!

-Add in something healthy.

Leaving cookies for Santa? How about carrots and celery for the reindeer? Because we know who’s really eating it!

-Start an active holiday tradition

It can be tricky with cold weather, but there are lots of ways to incorporate a little more movement into the holiday! Do you have room for a dance? To break out some new games? Or try going door-to-door carolling!

-And decorate carefully!

Mistletoe is poisonous, even if it’s traditional. Keep it out of reach of pets and kids, and secure it carefully, or skip it all together. Poinsettias, though not as toxic as commonly believed, are an irritant and can cause an allergic reaction in kids who use their mouths to be curious.

Be careful with fake-snow sprays! Don’t breathe them in, be careful about little ones getting it on their fingers then eating it. (And be careful with tinsel and littles, too!)

-Speaking of allergies…

Traditional Christmas foods are full of them, so be sure to leave out recipe cards or find a creative way to warn guests about nuts, gluten, and more.

What do you do to plan a healthy Christmas?


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