Are You Eating Enough Prebiotics?


GarlicYou probably don’t have a lot of jicama, Jerusalem artichoke, or chicory root—but those are the best sources of prebiotics, a type of food that helps support probiotics, aiding digestion as well as overall health.

Prebiotics are fibrous foods that aren’t broken down in the gastrointestinal tract. Instead, it’s fermented by your stomach’s gastrointestinal flora, supporting the growth of those good bacteria, known as probiotics.

There are plenty of other natural sources of prebiotics that might be in your diet: whole grain bread, garlic, and onions—but they aren’t as good as jicama and the others listed above. So if you aren’t loading your diet with garlic and onions (raw being better as a prebiotic source)—you may want to start.

It’s easy to get prebiotics from your diet, and ensuring you get some regularly can help both your digestion and your gut health. Gut health is particularly important because it’s a frontline of your immune system: any pathogens you get through food can be fought against if you have a robust supply of probiotics to block them out (compete for space) and in some cases fight back.

A few more good digestion tips:

-Try warm water with a meal instead of cold
-Add lemon to your water to aid digestion
-Have good posture while eating, eat slowly, and allow yourself to digest when done (before exercising, sleeping, etc…)

What are your tips for good digestion?


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