New research is rolling through clinical trials as one particular healthy skin bacteria, Roseomonas mucosa, shows success at reducing symptoms of eczema (AKA atopic dermatitis). In models and then humans who had R. Mucosa transferred to their skin from people with healthy skin, eczema sufferers found they had milder symptoms, required less steroids, and had less staph (a higher risk with the broken skin of eczema). All these benefits have so far yielded no negative side-effects.

Probiotics are changing medicine on multiple fronts, getting better outcomes with minimal effort, cost, and negative side-effects. The biggest risk seems to be from outside contamination, since hospitals are full of nasty bacteria (a few years ago a fecal transplant to treat C. diff left both donor and recipient obese).

While official health agencies have asked that people not attempt bacteria transfers at home (likely a good idea to not attempt it yourself!), there are other ways you can do to change your probiotic colonies, on skin, gut, and beyond, for the better.

The guidelines for improving bacterial colony health are the same as for all health issues, in other words, healthy bacteria like a flourish under a healthy lifestyle, so sleep, diet, exercise, and supporting good mental health are big building blocks to healthy colonies.

But smaller actions have an effect, too: be choosy about what you apply to your skin, throw out expired products (often it’s recommended to throw out anything over a year old), and choose things not just with natural, but with healthy ingredients. Or, make your own from fresh household ingredients.

Keep your pillowcase fresh/clean, and only use washcloths once before washing (avoid loofahs). Reusing what you wash with increases the risk of MRSA and other bad bacteria.

And try a probiotic supplement. Although it’s targeting your gut health, that still has an important impact on your overall health and wellness!

For instance: the study on skin bacteria improved eczema, but didn’t cure it. For some, eczema can be triggered by diet. Maybe gut bacteria are also part of the puzzle, and might be manipulated to help improve skin health. Diet, probiotics, and other factors might help steer things in a better direction!

As probiotics become a focal point of good health, make sure you’re not missing out by taking a high-quality daily supplement like Flora MGR.

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