Can You Get Staph Infections From Raw Meat?


Are you buying meat contaminated with staph infection?

Although killing bacteria is easily accomplished by properly cooking meat, a drug resistant staph infection may be lurking on the beef, chicken, turkey and pork you bring home, making kitchen hygiene and food cooked rare a bit more of an issue.

A recent study, conducted by the Translational Genomics Research Institute, found that nearly half of meat and poultry found in grocery stores was contaminated with drug resistant staph infections.

The staph infection present on raw meat is a result of the over-use of antibiotics in ranching. Antibiotics, once good at killing bacteria, are now failing at an increasing rate, and giving antibiotics to healthy animals is contributing substantially.

The best way to avoid meat contaminated with staph infection is to be choosy about what, and where, you buy your meat.

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Organic meat is generally supposed to be free from antibiotics (and hormones, and pesticides, and GMO…). Looking for a butcher that only carries organic meat helps to reduce the risk of staph infection contamination during packaging, slicing, and other services offered.

Practices at home, such as isolating and cleaning kitchen surfaces and utensils that come into contact with raw meat, as well as cooking meat until it reaches a safe temperature (killing bactera) helps to reduce the spread of staph infection.

How concerned are you about the food your getting–meat contaminated with staph infection, GMO produce? What steps do you take to protect your family?


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