Cup of TeaStudies come out frequently enough that I think most people realize there are health benefits to be had from both coffee and tea—but since both are used primarily as stimulants, it’s easy to miss where the benefits come from (it’s not the caffeine).

Coffee, tea, chocolate, and related plants have high antioxidant content, as well as flavanoids and other herbal components that offer a myriad of health benefits. We have a good understanding of antioxidants, that they fight free radicals and help to prevent cancer, etc., so we talk about them a lot. But the other parts? A few have been studied, or there’s a surface understanding of a group of compounds, but plants are complex, and there’s a big difference even between variants of the same plant (taste and compare coffee from different continents), and scientists tend to focus on the most obvious component, leaving the dozens to hundreds of smaller ones overlooked (not their fault—there’s a limit to time and resources!).

For people looking to harness some of these natural health boosts, working a cup of tea into your day is a simple solution.

If you’re already getting a morning jolt with a cup of coffee or a nice English blend of tea, great! How about adding an afternoon cup?

Now, in general, you’re supposed to stop drinking caffeine after lunch to avoid insomnia. This is where a nice cup of herbal tea comes in (remember: decaffeinated drinks still have a small percentage of caffeine). There are many types of herbal teas—some are mixes of flavorful flowers, foods (orange peel, for example), and whatever else. Others are a single plant, just a different one that what normal tea is made from (Camellia Sinensis).

Some herbal/alternative teas are renowned for their health properties. Try our Jiaogulan tea for one that is supposed to support cardiovascular health and longevity! (It’s caffeine free, so a great afternoon treat!).

How to make the perfect cup of afternoon tea:

-Since warm weather is picking up, you can try using the sun to slow brew tea (no added heat to your home!). Make sure the container you use is super clean, and that you throw away tea that looks cloudy or stringy.

-Or, for a cold treat, try chilling hot tea in the refrigerator, or cold brewing it.

-Mix and match: while a squeeze of lemon or dash of cream can be good with some teas, you can also change the flavor before brewing by adding dried citrus, food safe oil, or edible flower leaves. Let me just emphasize it should all be food grade and safe to eat. Or, you can try mixing two types of teas.

Share your perfect cup of tea in the comments:


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