Fruits and VeggiesAccording to CDC research that examined food poisoning outbreaks between 1998-2008, almost a quarter were caused by contaminated fruits and vegetables.

The reason is obvious: stomach flu is most commonly spread by people not washing hands, and fruits and veggies are often served uncooked, so germs aren’t killed.

Although fruits and veggies are the most common source of stomach flu, the most dangerous source is still meats. The stomach flu germs found on meats are more likely to cause hospitalization or death.

There are two main sources of stomach flu contamination: farms & factories (processed or pre-cooked produce and meats) and restaurants, were employees not washing hands can infect produce.

Listeria is the most dangerous stomach flu bacteria, but this year in particular Norovirus is more common (and there’s a new strain this year, so most people don’t have any immunity).

Stomach flu symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Most cases are mild enough to go unreported to hospitals and doctors. The key to stomach flu symptoms is to stay hydrated (use clear liquids), and to eat mild foods like crackers, toast, as well as probiotics like yogurt, real sauerkraut, homemade pickles (or store pickles that need refrigeration before opening).

Including probiotics in your diet (also available in supplement form) is also a great way to prevent stomach flu by populating your digestive tract with friendly bacteria that both aid digestion and keep out bad bacteria.

What do you find most likely to cause stomach flu symptoms?


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