324,000 pounds of beef, pork, and poultry are being recalled after routine testing turned up Listeria. The parent company is Buona Vista Inc., and products range from pre-made hamburger patties to frozen meals. Make sure to check the whole list against your pantry AND freezer.

For most people, Listeria symptoms will look like standard food poisoning: fever, nausea, diarrhea. For anyone with a weakened immune system, including pregnant women—for whom Listeria is a huge risk of miscarriage—a Listeria outbreak can be far more severe. The elderly are at an increased risk of dying of Listeria symptoms,

This is already the second Listeria outbreak of the summer, the first was a recall on bagged Dole salads. Both were caught only after spot testing, and after products had already shipped and been consumed. Since most health people aren’t likely to note or report Listeria symptoms, the risk is mostly for pregnant women and the elderly.

If it isn’t already clear, warm summertime weather doesn’t just increase the risk of food poisoning at backyard barbecues, but in processed foods. A Listeria outbreak can be deadly for those at risk if they aren’t prepared; if you have a weakened immune system or are pregnant, follow these tips:

-Wash salad before eating, even if it’s pre-washed.
-Reheat meats out of the fridge or freezer to the recommended food safety temperatures. This includes pre-cooked deli meat, which is also a huge source of Listeria.
-Listeria survives at your fridge’s cool temperature. Wash it regularly, and don’t trust fruit or veggies straight out of the fridge even if you previously cleaned the fruit yourself.

How much do you trust the food you buy, whether it’s fresh like last summer’s cataloupe or pre-prepped like this summer’s bagged salads and pre-made patties? Share your concerns—or lack thereof—below:


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