The Flu? Or an early warning sign of Hep C?

There have already been a few incidents in the last few months of organ transplants spreading disease, one where the donor was unknowingly riddled with parasites (not something tested for), and another where a living kidney donor tested positive for Hepatitis C, but the result were missed.

Now another Hep C outbreak has occurred, and it’s been tied to a Kentucky donor.

How can you get Hepatitis C from an organ transplant? When tests are messed up, misread, or overlooked. It’s rare, but when it happens the results can be catastrophic. In this case, both kidney recipients have already tested positive for Hep C, as has a child in Massachusetts. 43 other people who received grafts may be at risk for Hepatitis C and are being notified.

The CDC recognizes that procedures need to be looked into and tightened, and the answers to “how can you get hepatitis c from your health care provider” looked into more thoroughly.

About Hepatitis C:

The majority of people who are exposed to Hepatitis C overcome the virus with their strong immune systems, while others, particularly those at risk from a weakened immune system (like transplant patients) are at risk for getting Hepatitis C, which takes up to 6 months to show up on a test.

Hepatitis C affects the liver, and if not caught early can become very serious, leading to liver failure or death. Hepatitis C symptoms appear like flu early on, so testing early and often is recommended.

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