Chronic fatigue syndrome affects over a million Americans, as well as those abroad, who may be more familiar with it as “myalgic encephalomyelitis” or ME. Chronic fatigue awareness week occurs in May, and with that I share with you this video, made by “Daisy”:

Anyone with CFS knows how chronic fatigue symptoms can severely impact daily life. Lasting for more than half a year, exhaustion is the dominant state of being, with weariness and fatigue unaided by sleep.

As depicted in the video, the majority of those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are women. We do not know the root cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, although various correlations are being studied including a possible connection to prostate cancer, as well as minor deficiencies of various minerals and vitamins.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by a mild viral infection, so sufferers may also have symptoms that include fever, muscle and joint pain, and enlarged lymph nodes. For this reason it may help to take steps to strengthen the immune system. When talking to your doctor about treatment, check hormone blood levels as well as blood levels of various minerals to see if the chronic fatigue can be naturally corrected by dietary additions.

For more information on causes and treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, Click Here.

Have you or anyone you’ve known ever had chronic fatigue syndrome? How did you/they finally get over it?


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