Coffee May Protect Livers Infected With Hepatitis C


The strain of Hepatitis C that mostly affects the United States is harder to treat than the others, and for that reason and more, those diagnosed with the degenerative liver disease are eager for news of new and better treatments.

Currently, drug companies are working on improved treatment options for those who do not respond to the standard treatment for Hep C, including new drugs, new drug combinations (which have had mixed results so far), and a Hepatitis C vaccine, which is promising but will likely come with all the caveats and risks of vaccines.

The good news is a new study has found that drinking coffee regularly may decrease the rate of liver destruction, particularly in people not responding to the standard treatment for Hepatitis C (usually Interferon and Ribavirin).

There were very few tea drinkers in the study, so whether it has the same benefits is unknown. Other factors that may be specific to coffee drinkers were not well controlled for, so more research is needed.

None the less, it may well be worth asking your doctor if it’s safe for your liver and wider health to add a cup of coffee or two to your morning routine.

Coffee contains many flavanoids and antioxidants, which are great for your liver (in general, and when it’s sick), so do make sure to add more of those to your diet, whether from berries and other fruit, nuts containing Omega-3, or supplements.

What do you think of news regarding Hepatitis C treatments? Are you optimistic for people with the disease?


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