DCA (Dichloroacetic acid) is a drug that has been around for about 150 years, and it could cure cancer.

Traditionally used on genetic diseases, an in vitro test revealed that DCA shrinks tumors for brain, lung, and breast cancer, with minimal side effects.

How does it work? DCA restores mitochondrial function in cells, allowing them to normally produce energy, and triggering cancer cells to die.

Because DCA was invented so long ago, no one owns it (there’s no patent). That means there would be no financial incentive for the companies making up Big Pharma to invest in the incredibly expensive trials and cancer research needed to know if DCA is the cancer cure it appears to be.

In the last few years, philanthropic groups and private donors have contributed to funding DCA use as a cancer cure in humans, but so far only a small handful have received the drug as cancer treatment and it is scheduled to undergo another round of testing.

For updates, or to donate, visit the DCA site set up by the University of Alberta.

Most of these tests are happening in Canada, where it’s use as a cancer cure was discovered. What do you think of this, and of our system?


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