In olden times, all sorts of feelings, moods, and personality traits were attributed to various parts of the digestive system. Even into recent times they were sometimes blamed on what you ate. There may have been a grain of truth to such thinking, as researchers continue to discover the ways our gut, and the bacteria that resides within it, influence or even control parts of our body and mind we’d never expect. With how important our gut is, it’s imperative to make sure we’re giving it all the support we can. One step you can take is to replenish good gut bacteria each day with Flora MGR.

Even when they aren’t looking directly at it, researchers can’t help but fall right over our gut bacteria and its effect on the mind and greater body. While studying multiple sclerosis, antibiotics, and myelin repair, researchers noticed that mice with certain gut bacteria began to show symptoms of depression. Wiping these particular strains out with a targeted cocktail of antibiotics fixed the depressive behavior.

Other studies have linked mood, and depression specifically, with our gut bacteria. There are multiple ways that the stomach is connected to and can influence the mind, in this case, the bacteria were sending metabolites through the bloodstream that triggered depression in the brain.

Our gut is made up of multiple strains of (usually) beneficial bacteria. Healthier guts have more variety (in healthy non-industrial societies, way more variety!). While some strains have bad effects, untangling which is which can be complicated because combinations of different bacteria have different effects, too. While doctors understand the importance of the gut, identifying what’s what is still in research, so the average person just has to do their best at healthy gastrointestinal tract support.

Good behaviors like exercise, sleep, and de-stressing encourage good bacteria to grow, and vice versa. But it can take a year to completely change the gut, and you have to get some good bacteria in there to grow. A good diet with lots of prebiotics (foods that nourish good bacteria like onion, garlic, and other vegetables) and additional probiotics (known good bacterial strains) helps support and reinforce good lifestyle habits, leading to a healthier gut.

Get started by getting some good bacteria each day with Flora MGR. Loaded with a variety of good bacterial strains, it can help as a good step to better gut health and everything that comes with it, from digestion, to mood.

Many people have shared that their mood took a turn for the worse after illness, even mild ones that were treated with antibiotics. Gut bacteria are probably a big cause. Make sure that you give your gut extra support after illness with Flora MGR and a healthy diet.

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