Hepatitis C Treatment Relabelled After Deaths


Pills PackageIncivek, part of a common Hepatitis C treatment plan, is being relabelled after a small number of deaths due to a rash caused by the drug. The rash has been on the label since since the drug came to market a few years ago, but as a side-effect that can lead to death, a warning about the rash is being more prominently displayed.

If a rash or other skin change occurs during Hepatitis C treatment, doctors need to follow an appropriate treatment plan when the symptom presents itself. Any new symptoms that occur during Hepatitis C treatment should be reported to your doctor.

Made by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Incivek is used with two other drugs as a Hepatitis C treatment. Hepatitis C treatment has many harsh side-effects, but treatment still slows or stops symptoms of Hepatitis C like liver failure and death.

Because Hepatitis C symptoms can be “silent” until they are severe, it’s strongly recommended that testing be done of you may have had exposure—which includes being born between 1945-1961. Early Hepatitis C symptoms might appear as mild flu like symptoms, and having a chronic Hepatitis C infection can weaken your immune system.

After years or even decades, Hepatitis C takes a toll on the liver and symptoms present, possibly including liver cancer, liver failure, and eventually death.

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