Lyme Disease Rates Higher Than Thought


Tick ImageResearch into Lyme Disease rates has found that the disease has been under-reported—and is ten times more prevalent than previously thought, with approximately 300,000 Americans catching the disease annually.

I would guess that number is still too low: it only takes into account unreported doctors’ records. How many people don’t go to the doctor because they don’t recognize Lyme Disease symptoms? And what about all the false negatives the test for Lyme Disease has (meaning people are told they don’t have it but they do)?

As summer comes to an end, it’s a good time to make sure you don’t have Lyme Disease symptoms:

First, did you notice any tick bites this summer? Some ticks are really small, others are bigger. Knowing you had a tick bite is the first risk factor. You may not feel a tick bite, but you can often still see (and need to remove the tick). If the tick is already gone, you might see a red bullseye pattern (fairly common) or other red rash.

If you’ve been having unexplained headaches, fever, or fatigue, you might have Lyme Disease so it’s a good idea to get checked out. If you’re told you don’t have Lyme Disease but Lyme Disease symptoms persist, go back to your doctor—untreated Lyme Disease can cause other problems, like inflammation.

You can also be proactive about your health. You can use colloidal silver to help boost your immune system.

And don’t forget your pets! Check them for tick bites regularly and watch for Lyme Disease symptoms.

Do you think Lyme Disease is more common than we think?


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