Knee Xray…It’s another outbreak caused by an unsterile product from a compounding pharmacy.

This one is used for joint pain relief (mostly) and to treat other problems caused by inflammation. Again, the injection causes fungal and bacterial infections, this time in muscles/skin (at least it’s not a spinal injection!).

Unopened vials tested positive for contamination and an inspection of the Tennessee company came up bleak. All products from the manufacturer are being investigated, and the current recommendation is they not be used.

With 24 who have tested positive for infection, anyone who’s had a steroid injection for joint pain relief should watch for symptoms (fever, redness, swelling, more pain than usual).

Sterile, preservative free (who wants to get shot up with mercury, aluminum, or chemicals?) injections seem to have a high risk involved with use. Apparently it’s easy to set up a compounding pharmacy, so none of them care about safety/sterility!

Wondering how this could happen?

If you’re thinking—“but it’s a free market!” The answer is: drugs are still heavily regulated, and most people buy on price, not brand reputation (off the top of your head, can you say where your medicine is manufactured or by whom? I bet you know where your food comes from, or your soda, etc.).

If you’re thinking—“but drugs are regulated by the FDA!” The answer is: there is no way the FDA could possibly do everything it’s responsible for doing, there’s too much. Second, most of these compounding pharmacies are the state’s responsibility (you may remember a third party survey a long while back that showed states don’t inspect out patient clinics either—so many get away with poor sterility as well).

Looking for joint pain relief but not a horrible infection? Why not try some natural ways to reduce inflammation?


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