Sleep Better: Fix Underlying Causes Of Insomnia


Sleeping WomanSometimes you have true insomnia, and you can fix it by adjusting your environment—the sights, smells, and feel of your bedroom, as well as your state of mind, and topping it off with a natural sleep aid that ensures your body has the nutrients and minerals needed to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Other times, insomnia is a symptom of something else. The three biggest causes? Stress, acid reflux, and chronic pain.

Stress. The best way to deal with stress is to address your stressors. Sit down and make a list. Break things into manageable chunks, then list out what your going to do about each one. If you can’t do anything? Stop giving it head-space. Meditation is a great tool to help you manage stress.

Don’t have many stressors? Maybe you need a little extra help balancing your stress. D.S.A. is a natural supplement that helps combat your anxiety with ingredients like St. John’s Wort.

Acid reflux. If this is a chronic condition, stop popping OTC pills. They only make it worse, and can have negative long term effects.

Then look at your diet. Are you maybe over-eating? Try smaller, more frequent meals (I really think this should be the first step before making drastic changes—comfort food can be a source of acid reflux triggers, but it’s also a source of temptation, and it’s super easy to not realize how much you’re eating).

Then watch for triggers—these will vary for everyone, so if you aren’t sure, journal your meals and eat simply (few ingredients) until you get the hang of managing it. Here’s where OTC reflux relief helps—want to have a special meal but know it will prevent heartburn? Once in a while it’s ok to use an antacid to cheat.

For bedtime? Don’t eat two hours before bed (this also benefits your heart—it can rest too rather than continue working hard as your body digests a big meal). You can also try either sleeping elevated, or laying on your left side. (Feeling bloated? Lie on your right).

One last tip: have good posture while you eat, and while you digest. Don’t make things harder for your body.

Chronic pain. If you have severe chronic pain, see a doctor. But if it’s a lingering pain from something else, like Lyme Disease complications or just a hard day’s work, do a little something for yourself before bed.

Relax with a hot bath/shower or a heating pad. Try some yoga (go slow, and if you’ve never done it before take a class so you can get feedback on proper positions and avoiding injury).

For non-addicting pain relief, use Dakota Muscle Relief—it will offer a hot/cold sensation and a pleasant peppermint smell.

What puts you to sleep?


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