Treat Your Stress, Treat Your Headache

INSIDE THIS ARTICLE: may seem like common sense, but it’s only recently been proven by research: stress causes headaches, augments headaches, and turns them into a chronic problem. So to effectively treat your headache, you may want examine your stress level.

Fortunately, many things that help headaches can also help relief stress.

The best motto for dealing with stress is this: if you can fix it, make a plan then relax until you can act. If you can’t fix it, let it go

But easier said than done, right? Here are some tips to relieve stress and ease your headache:

-Sleep. As long as you don’t lay funny, it will relax your muscles while letting your brain clear itself. You might even work through some of your problems—there’s a reason they recommend you “sleep on it”.

-Drink some water. Dehydration can e a major cause of headaches, especially during winters like this. For some headaches, caffeine will even cure it. Try rehydrating with a nice cup of tea, and you’ll de-stress at the same time.

-Hit a hot tub or spa and relax your muscles—many stress headaches are specifically tension headaches. Don’t let the hot water dehydrate you, though! When you’re done, treat your muscles to Dakota Muscle Rub. The nice peppermint smell will help with your headache, as well!

-Try meditation. Specifically, focus on telling your muscles. Go head to toes and back again until you feel more calm and relaxed.

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