Usually, shingles symptoms affect the elderly, who are prone to suffer from a weakened immune system as they age. Younger people often only suffer from shingles symptoms when their immune system is weakened—by severe stress or another illness.

Now asthma has been specifically tied to childhood cases of shingles—children with asthma are more than twice as likely to develop shingles symptoms.

Asthma, a chronic condition involving blocked and constricted airways, is caused by an unlucky combination of genes and environmental factors. But having that chronic inflammation can weaken the immune system—especially if the environmental factors are ongoing (stress can be one), making the link between asthma and shingles symptoms logical.

There are two main shingles symptoms: blisters, and pain (which can last after the blisters). Just like with the chicken pox, it’s important not to scratch—although with the pain, you’re less likely to itch.

For anyone who hasn’t had chicken pox, shingles symptoms are contagious. For everyone else, exposure boosts the immune system against recurrent shingles symptoms.

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