It’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and The University of Texas has produced a list of 10 early signs and symptoms of cancer (cervical, uterine, and ovarian). Since most cancers can be treated successfully when caught early, make sure to share these tips with the women in your life:

  1. Irregular Bleeding, especially after menopause or during sex.
  2. Unexpected weight loss. (Can be a sign of other forms of cancer, too).
  3. Symptoms of a yeast infection can actually be signs and symptoms of cancer.
  4. Chronic fatigue, especially if it’s unexplained.
  5. One swollen leg coupled with other gynecological problems are signs and symptoms of cervical cancer.
  6. Change of appetite.
  7. Pelvic/Abdominal Pain. (Since it’s often confused with a GI Tract problem, make sure to see a gynecologist, too!)
  8. Persistent indigestion and nausea (see above.)
  9. Chronic, unexplained bloating.
  10. Unexplained increase in the need to urinate.

While these signs and symptoms of cancer aren’t absolute, they’re a reason to see a doctor. Since many require the symptom be chronic or unexplained, make sure to pay attention to your body and be aware of rationalizing away the signs and symptoms of cancer, seeing a doctor now makes everything easier in the long run, and hopefully you get a clean bill of health!

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