Want to understand how allergies work? Joanne Manaster (ScienceGoddess) has a series of videos that use food to simply (and scientifically) explain what allergies are—and you’ll learn a little about the immune system too!

Here’s the first video on where symptoms of allergies come from:

Allergies are the immune system overreacting to non-harmful pathogens. Almost everyone has symptoms of allergies (particularly from pollen and other plant triggers), but not everyone’s response warrants treatment.

Symptoms of allergies include a reaction to pollen, pet dander, food, dust and mold.  Symptoms of allergies range from watery eyes and sniffles to uncontrollable sneezing to anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly.

Supporting the immune system, cleaning the indoors of dust, see an allergist or natural herbalist, and talking to your doctor about what you’re allergic to can help prevent symptoms of allergies from cropping up.

Here are more tips for naturally alleviating symptoms of allergies.

Was that video useful in explaining how symptoms of allergies originate? Did you watch the other videos in the series?


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