It’s a growing trend for anyone with an ache or a pain: topical pain relievers are the logical choice.

The alternative involves dealing with scary recalls, mixed results, and side effects (whether it’s acetaminophen’s effect on the liver, drug interactions with medications, or concern about heart and bleeding issues).

Topical pain relievers go straight to the source. Where oral pain relievers need to traverse the whole body, you can get immediate results from a smaller dose of a topical ointment, spray, or rub.

One common concern when using a topical pain reliever is the smell: no one wants that distinctive, medical tang as their perfume (especially anyone relieving sore muscles at work—whether you’re sitting at a desk or up on your feet).

Fortunately, natural topical pain relievers like Dakota Muscle Relief only have a brief, pleasant smell. Dakota Muscle Relief smells like peppermint, and soothes muscles with a hot/cold effect. Made with emu oil, it’s great for all skin types, and won’t leave you with a thin film of medical ick.

Because Dakota Muscle Relief stimulates blood flow, it’s great for other aches and pains, too. You can use it on a bruise (over unbroken skin) or on any other bumps and swelling.

Everyone could use a little muscle pain relief. Whether you’re active or sedentary, your muscles will relax when treated to the stimulation of Dakota Muscle Relief.

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