Sea BirdFlu experts are warning that in the next few years avian flu, commonly known as bird flu, may become transmissible between humans, allowing for a fairly deadly pandemic.

There have been a couple possible scenarios proposed. The first came up this summer: avian flu and a variant of swine flu could share genes on the east coast where segles and seals mingle. The second is that a new strain of avian flu could emerge out of south east Asia due to similar circumstances: a mingling of flu genes where there’s a high density of pigs and birds.

Avian flu is far deadlier than swine flu, but unlike swine flu it can’t currently pass between humans. As far as protecting yourself goes, there’s two problems. Avian flu generally affects those with weak and strong immune systems—meaning that it affects everyone, not just the very old and young and the already sick.

The second problem is that because it will be a new mutation, and there’s different possible combinations, the prepared flu shot which governments have bet on has as much chance of being successful as “winning the powerball”, according to one expert working on a universal flu shot.

Prevention will be the best bet—resting as soon as you have flu symptoms, taking extra precautions when going to crowded places like airports, etc.

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