Vision Aids to Improve Your Eye Health and Function


An Overview of Common Vision Problems:

Most vision problems likely stem from your genes: you inherited an eye that’s too short or too long, or a cornea that’s not curved quite right. This can result in either Myopia, being near-sighted, or hyperopia, being far-sighted. The treatment for both is either corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) or laser eye-surgery. Signs that you can’t see clearly are that either your vision is blurred in the distance (not distinguishing leaves on a tree from the green, blurry mass) or the blurred vision is right in front of you, black and white smudges on a page in a book. Headache is a frequent symptom of blurred vision, and especially in children blurred vision can impair their ability to learn. If you have blurred vision it’s important to see an eye-care specialist to diagnose the cause (eye shape, etc.) and to rule out other possibilities (such as head trauma).

Even if you have 20/20 vision early in life, you’re likely to suffer vision problems as you age. As one common theory goes, your cornea will harden, and your ability to focus will diminish as you age (presbyopia), causing blurred vision (and the common trombone gesture of the aged, as they search for the spot that will focus what they’re looking at). Another reason your eyes lose focus may be that your eyes shorten as you age.

Taking Care of Your Eyes:

Some alternative therapies suggest exercising your eyes: take a break from reading every hour and focus on something far away, preferably something with details that your eye can trace; avoid eye strain by using corrective lenses and intuiting when they need a break from staring at the computer screen/television.

Try supplementing with a special combination of nutrients (including anti-oxidants, minerals, and amino acids) that are designed to help your eye perform optimally.

Talk to your doctor about your full history so that they can accurately diagnose your blurred vision.


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