Last week we brought you the story of people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, a condition brought about by devices that emit low wave signals like WiFi. These sufferers experience chronic pain, especially headaches, that worsens with increased exposure to WiFi devices (as well as other electronic emissions).

This week, another story has appeared that may help to explain what is chronic pain caused by.

In a study conducted in Kentucky, researchers found a strong link between smoking (and the quantity of cigarettes smoked) and chronic pain. It doesn’t necessarily explain what chronic pain is caused by (perhaps the women started smoking BECAUSE of their pain), but it’s a plausible cause of chronic pain.

One theory put forth is that smoking damages the protections the body offers to pain. Understanding this relationship can not only help address what is the cause of chronic pain, but how to help women (who are disproportionately affected) quit smoking. Pain management is likely to play a key role.

What Is Chronic Pain’s Symptoms?

  • -Fibromyalgia
  • -Chronic Neck Pain
  • -Chronic Back Pain
  • -Joint Pain
  • -Chronic Headaches
  • -Nerve Problems
  • -General Pain

How do you address unexplained pain? Share your natural solutions in the comments!


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