Party SnacksThe CDC has put out new data that 1 in 2 Americans has a chronic health condition (like heart disease and diabetes) and 1 in 4 have TWO chronic health conditions.

Most of the discussion centers around health care costs, because our healthcare system is in a bad place (the first wave of boomers that need assisted living homes are already facing cost hurles and steep competition for spaces).

But with half of people reading this (or more than half? it is a health-focused blog) battling a chronic illness, let’s have a more practical discussion.


Most people suffering a chronic illness one or more risk factors: being overweight, not exercising, not eating right, too much alcohol or tobacco, not seeing a doctor to manage things like blood pressure and take other preventative steps.

And really, you hear it so much I’m sure it barely registers—but exercise, a healthy diet, and moderate intake of caffeine/alcohol/etc. are the building blocks of good health. Those are the starting points of preventing chronic illness, and to changing it.


Make a plan with your doctor, then start with the above first steps. If you want to make some changes, try some of these heart health tips.

Prevent Complications

People with chronic illnesses are more likely to develop secondary illnesses—you’re more likely to catch colds in winter, and to develop other chronic diseases.

So you should take steps to protect yourself. Exercise and eating right will support your immune system, but building good habits takes time, and can be a bumpy, inconsistent road. So give yourself some safety nets.

Take at least one multivitamin. Welltrient Vita 1 is great for everybody…

…But you might also like a more targeted multivitamin like Mito Cardia (Heart) or Glycemic MGRx (support for people with diabetes).

Support your immune system with colloidal silver.

Shocked by the numbers? Let us know in the comments.


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