Some people know they need their beauty rest, while others insist they can function just fine on 4-6 hours. The truth is, not getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) has a measurable influence on your next day performance, whether you’re typing, driving, or an all star athlete. If you’re struggling to get your Zzzs, get help from our Sleep Support Pack.

The latest study offers measurable data that any sports fan can observe. When NBA players tweet late at night, their next day performance takes a hit. The effect may be worse for morning people when they occasionally stay up late.

The lesson is that there’s substantial benefit to fighting different causes of insomnia, including phones, tablets, TVs and computers. Ideally, take a few hours screen-free before bed to stop messing with your circadian rhythm and hopefully get those nighttime hormones and chemicals like melatonin going. Next best is using a blue light feature, and if you really can’t help yourself or have an important day coming up, a sleep timer (phones and tablets have apps meant for kids that essentially function like sleep timers).

Healthy habits like morning exercise, limited caffeine and alcohol, and nutritious food makes getting enough sleep easier. If you need more help, Sleep Support Pack loads you up with supportive herbs and minerals before bed. It helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and provides the building blocks the body needs for its nightly maintenance and repairs.

Get better performance tomorrow from good sleep tonight with Sleep Support Pack.

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