Autumn LeavesEvery year, I start making preparation in early fall to stay healthy through the holiday season. Because there’s lots to do, from planning, to shopping, to decorating, baking, and finally enjoying the holidays themselves.

Here are some ways to execute the old standbys of immune support:

1) Make sure you’re eating healthy. Winter is full of great superfoods, so don’t get caught in the trap of convenience eating cookies, Halloween candy, and pumpkin lattes.

Healthy eating will help your brain work well, keep your energy up, and of course, keep your waistline slim enough for your winter party dress.

Take a minute on your shopping day to plan and prepare ready to eat snacks during the week. I know you’re not supposed to wash and cut fruit and veggies until right before you eat them—but honestly, it’s better that you eat them because they’re convenient then ignore them because they’re not! You’ve got to help them compete with ready to eat cookies and candy!

2) Take a daily multivitamin, because we all cheat (and even when we don’t, our diet isn’t as varied as we like to think).

3) Drink more water! A lot of people are surprised to learn they don’t get enough, but in winter, you need more! Especially if you’re exercising.

Try reusable water bottles, if you have two or more, one can always be cold and ready!

4) Exercise! Exercising, even a short amount of time or in a simple way (like walking, or just taking a longer route) will boost your immune system, your memory, and give you energy to tackle all those fall chores like leaf cleanup.

(And of course, all those fall chores can count as exercise! I love it when things work out!)

5) Try an immune supporting supplement, like colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to support the immune system, and is the focus of a lot of good research today.

6) Or try a supplement like Immune PWRx, which harnesses immune stimulating ingredients like mushrooms, and its key ingredient, colostrum! Colostrum is the super-charged first milk in mammals that contains antibodies and many other immune supporting factors.

7) Stay cheerful! Especially in the face of gloomy winter weather.

Here’s the great thing: most things you do to support your immune system will also support a good mood! Eating well, exercising, and feeling healthy all create a feedback loop for feeling good!

What do you do to boost your immune system in winter?


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