If you’re moving more, thinking harder, and accomplishing more this year, give yourself a nutritional boost to get it done.

Feeling tired? It might be the extra energy you’re spending pursuing new goals, or you may need just a small nutritional boost to meet your new needs.

What kind of boost? Spirulina offers a mix of vitamins and minerals, and is a natural source of iron. Iron is sometimes the missing ingredient when we’re low on energy, and just a bit more can make a difference.

Full of protein, spirulina is more than a multivitamin. It has enzymes, 8 essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and the rich compounds and antioxidants only found in plants, from phytonutrients to chlorophyll (which supports blood health). It’s a great addition to your daily diet when you’re more active, or if you’re trying to find the key to unlocking more energy.

Spirulina is a true superfood—it has even been included in the diet of astronauts. It can also be a great choice if you’re trying to get more plants into your diet (or move away from animals as food or supplement). It’s also easy to digest. That means a number of things; that it won’t upset your stomach as much as more heavily processed supplements, that you’ll be able to absorb more nutrients more easily (important as we age, but also with specific conditions) and as a source of iron, it’s a lot better for you (most if not all other iron supplements or iron fortified foods are not great for you in the long run—that’s one of the ingredients that tend to create negative headlines about multivitamins, but since it’s already in spirulina naturally and spirulina is easy to digest, spirulina is pretty much the perfect source of iron!).

While you could feasibly hunt down spirulina as a food and try and come up with smoothies and salads to sneak it into your diet each day, it’s far easier to get all the benefits with a supplement like Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina. It’s one more superfood into your day with all the nutrients it comes with, and that little extra boost in energy and mood that comes with having more than the bare minimum of needed nutrients, and you really start to thrive.

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